BiBEAT is a non shareholding company with the aim of developing and delivering low cost medical equipment. A company limited by guarantee and licensed under section 29 of companies act 1994

The Company limited by Guarantee within the purview of section 29 of the Companies Act 1994 is organized and established to bring healthcare and other appropriate technology to the doorsteps of the common people in Bangladesh and in other Third World countries of the world. One of the main aims of this company is to strive to redress the technological disparity existing throughout the globe, which in effect is the main cause for economic disparity.

The objectives for which the Company is established are any or all of the followings:

i. To organise commercial manufacture and marketing, both within the country or abroad, of useful technological items developed through the R&D efforts of the Company or by others.

ii. To organise dissemination of successful scientific technological innovations through project work or through publication of books, Journals, Periodicals, Newsletters, etc., in order to enhance the quality of life of the common people.

iii. To set up Institutes, Centres, Libraries, Information services, etc. in order to promote Science & Technology activities, Education, Research & Development relevant to the needs of the common people.

iv. To offer scientific and technological consulting services with the expertise of the members, or through hiring of expertise, if needed.

v. To organise or to sponsor conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, etc. for promoting the idea of appropriate Science and Technology, for dissemination of expertise and for promoting collaborative research & Development work in relevant areas.

vi. To provide R&D funds to other organisations for development of Science & Technology that benefits the common people.

vii. To grant Scholarships, Fellowships, Stipends, etc. and to organise competitions among young scientists in order to motivate them for working in Science & Technology that benefits the common people.

viii. To institute awards to professionals for successful contributions in Science & Technology that benefits the common people.

ix. To raise funds in order to promote the Company’s objectives through its own income generating programmes, through donations, aids, gifts, contribution, lawful subscriptions, etc. from local or foreign persons, agencies or Government, provided that any foreign donation will be subject to Government approval under the Foreign Donation (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Ordinance, 1978.

x. To borrow money from individuals or from authorised institutions in order to promote or maintain the Company’s activities on such terms and conditions as may be determined by the Board of Directors from time to time.

xi. To invest funds of the Company in securities, shares, debentures, capital notes or otherwise in such manners as may be determined by the Board of Directors from time to time.

xii. To appoint any employees, consultants, experts for the Company under terms and conditions as may be deemed fit and proper by the Board of Directors.

xiii. To grant pensions, allowances, gratuities and bonuses to employees or ex-employees of the Company or their dependants or those connected with the employees; to establish and maintain or concur to establish and maintain trusts, funds or schemes (whether contributory or non-contributory) with a view to providing pensions or other benefits for any such employees, their dependants and connections; and to support or subscribe to any charitable funds or institutions the support of which, in the opinion of the Directors, will directly or indirectly benefit the Company or its employees.

xiv. To collaborate with local or foreign scientists, technologists, individuals, societies, companies and similar organisations for promotion of the Company’s objectives.

xv. To open branches in different parts of the country or abroad if necessary.

xvi. To purchase, hire or take lease of any movable or immovable property and to develop and use it for the purpose of the Company and to sell or to dispose of the same in any form and when required.

xvii. To perform any activity which would help in promoting and maintaining the above mentioned aims and objectives of the Company.

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