Our Products

Electro Health Standard model
"Electro-Health" For Pain Relief
"Anti-Sweat" for Excessive Sweating
"Muscle & Nerve Stimulator" for physiotherapy
Dynamic Pedograph


2nd HSBC Business Excellence Award
IDLC-Prothom Alo SME Award 2021
Startup Bangladesh Challenge Award 2017

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Together we are working for a goal which is more than a business

Non Share-Holding Company

A company limited by guarantee (licensed under section 29 of companies act 1994). That means no one takes the profit and everyone works for a greater goal.

Local Products, Global Quality

We strive to ensure World class quality. As our products are designed in-house, we are capable of ensuring comprehensive after sales service.

Inventor + Entrepreneur

All of the products of BiBEAT LTD including hardware & software are developed indigenously in collaboration with Department of Biomedical Physics & Technology, DU.

Made in Bangladesh

Our Products are truly made in Bangladesh. We innovate, we develop and we take care of the after-sales headaches to ensure your peace of mind.

And For A Greater Reason, We Do Not Patent Our Work!

Scientific & Technical Information

অতিরিক্ত হাত-পা ঘামা ও এর মুক্তিতে Iontophoresis চিকিৎসা যেভাবে এলো
অতিরিক্ত হাত পা ঘামা প্রতিরোধক যন্ত্র
হাত পা ঘামছে আপনার? বাংলাদেশের প্রযুক্তিতে আছে সুন্দর সমাধান
করোনা সঙ্কটের সময় দীর্ঘমেয়াদী ব্যথা উপশমের কার্যকর সমাধান

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