Who We Are

BiBEAT Limited is registered with the Government of Bangladesh as a ‘Company Limited by Guarantee’, an ownerless social enterprise targeting self-sustainability, in which nobody can take any share of the profits. Registered in 2013, it has an MOU with the Department of Biomedical Physics & Technology (BMPT) of the University of Dhaka to manufacture and distribute technology based products, particularly for health and wellbeing, developed by this department. BiBEAT is also intimately linked to its sister concern, ‘Relevant Science & Technology Institute (RSTI)’ established by the ‘Relevant Science and Technology Society, Bangladesh’ to carry out R&D for relevant and appropriate technology. BMPT and RSTI also oversees and ensures that the products made by BiBEAT satisfy international quality and safety standards. Both BiBEAT Ltd and BMPT share a common philosophy of not patenting any innovations so that common people throughout the globe, particularly in the low and medium income countries (LMIC), can get the maximum benefit out of these technologies. Bi-Beat Limited received the following awards so far: (i) iDEA STARTUP Bangladesh award-2017 of the ICT Division of the Government of Bangladesh, (ii) IDLC – Prothom Alo SME Award-2021 in the Health category, (iii) ‘2nd HSBC Business Excellence Award’ in the category, ‘Best in Innovation & Technology’, in 2022.


The mission of BiBEAT Ltd is to make relevant and appropriate technology based healthcare and other products available at affordable costs to the common people in the low and medium income countries (LMIC), with the realisation that technology is the vehicle to enhance the quality of life of these people. To this end, BIBEAT’s plan is to design, develop, manufacture and market such products through a self-sustaining social business model, which it aims to spread proactively throughout the globe. For this reason, BIBEAT does not patent its innovations.


Our vision is to create value and impact in society improving the quality of life of the common people throughout the globe through technology.

Strengths of BiBEAT Ltd.

  • A large group of motivated youth – university researchers and innovators – under the leadership of an active and expert senior working in both technology and entrepreneurship over four decades, all of whom believe in the importance of technology for the people and open source technology, either being involved directly in the team, or supporting indirectly.
  • BiBEAT team has expertise in Biomedical Engineering, Medical Electronics, Electronic circuit design (both analog and digital), Computer interfacing, Microcontrollers, IoT and Software in parallel with entrepreneurship for commercialization of products based on homegrown design. BiBEAT can make a significant reduction in price, particularly of electro-medical products, as the R&D costs are much lower in Bangladesh compared to that in high income countries.
  • Prompt and responsive after sales service. Unlike products imported from the industrially developed countries which are sometimes difficult, or even impossible to repair in an LMIC like Bangladesh, BiBEAT can ensure prompt repair and maintenance of its products at low cost since all the nitty-gritties of the devices are known to their personnel and spares are available in ready stock.
  • Improvement of existing products and addition of new products through continued R&D at BiBEAT provide a key ingredient to success. For any technology-based manufacturing company to maintain a market lead, such R&D is absolutely essential which does not exist in most competitive companies in Bangladesh or in other LMICs.


Founder’s Profile

BiBEAT was founded under the leadership of Dr. Khondkar Siddique-e Rabbani, an ardent technology enthusiast and a person with passion, empathy and commitment to the wellbeing of fellow human beings. He also founded ‘Relevant Science & Technology Society, Bangladesh’ in 1996, and was the founder Chairperson (2008-2015) of the ‘Department of Biomedical Physics & Technology’ of the University of Dhaka. Professor Rabbani still continues leading the department’s research programmes as an Honorary Professor. Born in 1950, Professor Rabbani did his B.Sc. Honours in Physics from the University of Dhaka, securing first position in the first class. He then did his M.Sc. in Physics from Islamabad University of the then West Pakistan (now Quaid e Azam University in Pakistan) securing 2nd position in the first class. Later he did a PhD in Microelectronics from the University of Southampton in the UK as a Commonwealth Scholar. Immediately upon his return in 1978, he joined the Physics Department of the University of Dhaka as an Assistant Professor, eventually becoming an Associate Professor in 1985 and a full Professor in 1988. Professor Rabbani also took a number of entrepreneurial projects since 1980s, going through many ups and downs and facing many challenges in a region without a supportive culture and environment for technology or technology based industry. BiBEAT Ltd embodies all the experience he gathered through this eventful journey. 


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