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Electro-Health is a PEMF based Wellness Device for the home remedy of Pain. PEMF stands for ‘Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field’. It is a non-invasive and drug-free therapy modality.
PEMF has been reported to be highly successful in alleviating pain, without any side effects. This has been established through decades of scientific research, mainly through statistical studies on a large number of patients. Long-term use of painkiller drugs has a lot of side effects including heart attack, hearing loss, liver & kidney damage, etc. On the other hand, no side effect has been reported for PEMF over more than sixty years of its use.

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Why choose PEMF therapy instead of other modalities?

Using painkillers for over 30 days or for an extended period of time can increase one’s risk for dependence. Long term use of painkillers-

  • destroy brain cells associated with learning, memory and cognition.
  • long-term use of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) can lead to side effects including stomach problems, kidney problems, high blood pressure, fluid retention, and other allergic reactions. With NSAIDs, too much can lead to stomach bleeding and kidney damage.
  • Opioids pose a high risk of being habit-forming. In addition to reducing pain, opioids also activate the body’s reward system by increasing dopamine activity, which may make users feel relaxed, happy, or high.

In Physiotherapy, multiple weekly appointments must be kept, treatment sessions are long, the cost of treatment is high and kills a lot of time. In some techniques (i.e. acupuncture), if nonsterile needles are used, there may be at risk for contracting bloodborne illnesses, infection, and diseases.

On the other hand, PEMF has shown no side effects reported for over more than sixty years of its use. Once anyone buys Electro-Health can take PEMF therapy at a convenient time. Only persons with heart conditions (who are using pacemaker) and pregnancy should avoid PEMF.

How does PEMF work?

A PEMF device essentially consists of an electrical pulse generator and a coil. The pulse generator drives a pulsating current through the coil, which produces a pulsating electromagnetic field that enters the body freely, without requiring any contact. This, in turn, creates an induced pulsating electric field within the body tissues. The strength of these fields gradually decreases with depth, being the highest near the surface. The magnetic field penetrates deep into the body, several centimeters with BiBEAT’s Electro-Health device, unlike most heating pads or Infrared radiation lamps which have a very shallow effective depth, a few millimeters at best.

Effectiveness of Electro-Health device

Electro-Health is effective for-

  • pain management in knee osteoarthritis patients, which affect pain threshold and physical functioning.
  • promotes healing and microcirculation of chronic diabetic foot ulcers.
  • improved nerve function and microcirculation in patients with painful DSPN ( Diabetic Sensorimotor Polyneuropathy).
  • relieve the pain intensity and improve functionality in individuals with low back pain conditions.
  • accelerate osseous consolidation after HTO (High Tibial Osteotomy). This effect was stronger and more significant for patients ≥50 years, which being of special interest for elderly patients.

Bi-BEAT’s Electro-Health device, its safety in home use

Bi-BEAT’s Electro-Health device is based on a design by the Department of Biomedical Physics & Technology, University of Dhaka, under the leadership of Professor Dr. Khondkar Siddique-e-Rabbani. With an understanding of all the devices on the market and his personal experience of working with PEMF for bone fracture healing 45 years back, he led the design of all the versions of the pain relief device for Bi-BEAT. Since 2019,  Bi-BEAT has distributed more than 3,500 devices to sufferers of pain and fewer than 10% reported not getting benefit, who had the option of returning the device and getting their money back. Over these years, Bi-BEAT has improved upon the design of the device based on customer feedback. The current ones get their power from 220V  mains electricity to give a high output strength of PEMF, which has been found to work better in pain relief. However, our technical team has given meticulous attention to every detail of the design and of the fabrication steps so that there is no possibility for the user to  get an electric shock. A normal electrical  appliance like a computer that we use everyday employs one transformer for power isolation, while Bi-BEAT’s Electro Health employs double transfer isolation, so that even there is high voltage on the line, the device may get damaged, but the user will be completely safe . Again, even if one transformer has a short, the other will prevent line voltage from reaching the user end. Therefore this device is completely safe for use at home.


Bi-BEAT’s latest Electro-Health for home use comes as a main pulse generating unit and an elegantly designed double coil in a textile bag, with multiple modes of fixing, a unique concept. The pair of coils, each about 16cm in diameter, can be placed on the lower back to cover the whole of the region. Again, if anyone has sciatica and needs to focus on the lower vertebral region, the two coils in the bag may be folded together to essentially form a single coil but giving double the strength. The same pair may be simply placed on the knee so that the two coils attach to the two sides of the knee in a Helmholtz configuration, giving almost uniform field strength throughout the knee. Similarly it may be placed to cover both sides of the shoulder. With some ingenuity, the coils may be fixed to provide pain relief to any part of the body. Another extra benefit of the new version is that since the coil is large, the field strength falls off rather gradually with depth and one can fix the coils on the backside of an office chair and keep the coil connected to the pulse generating main unit always. When the person sits on the chair, s/he just switches on the main unit, and that’s it. When leaving, s/he again just switches the main unit off. No time wasted in fixing the coils to the body.


How does PEMF Heal?

Body tissues contain cells with surface charges and electrical ions with which electrical fields can interact directly. It has been suggested that PEMF increases local blood microcirculation (in the capillaries), triggering and enhancing the body’s own healing processes, which relieves pain.  Pulses at low frequencies will pass through the skin and penetrate deep into muscle, bones, tendons, and even organs to activate the cell’s energy and encourage its natural repair mechanisms.  The charge of the cell membrane is affected by magnetic fields, causing the membrane channels to open up. When the cell channels are opened, nutrients enter the cell more easily and the cellular waste is more easily removed, helping to rebalance and restore the optimum function of the cell.

There may be other mechanisms that affect body cells directly to help the recovery process further. PEMF technology is gradually gaining acceptance in mainstream medicine globally because of its success in the treatment of various disorders, not only of pain.

Treatment Protocol

Half an hour treatment with Bi-BEAT’s ELECTROHEALTH relieves most acute pains that occurred recently, within the last few days. Pains sustaining for long periods may need longer treatment times. Chronic pains sustaining over years may need several hours daily for a few days, which may again need repetition at intervals of a few weeks. 

Technical Specifications

1. Coil diameter: about 16cm (each), connected in parallel and in appropriate phase.

2. Pulse width: 400 microsecond (enhanced model has two, 100 and 500 microseconds that may be switched)

3. Pulse repetition Frequency: 70 Hz (Enhanced model has two switched options – 10Hz and 70Hz)

4. Peak Magnetic field: About 10mT at the electrode plane

5. Peak pulse Voltage: 60 V

7. Peak pulse current: about 6A (depends on pulse width, higher for longer pulse width)

8. Power Consumption: About 20 Watt

Warranty Policy

This device is guaranteed for a period of TWO years from its date of purchase against manufacturing defects.

How to use Electro-Health?


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