ECG circuit Trainer

ECG circuit Trainer



An ECG trace represents the electrical activity of the heart. The electrical circuitry to acquire an ECG consists of several steps. This ‘Trainer Kit’ is designed in a way that the functions of the different steps become clear to a student. For this purpose the ECG circuit has been separated into different modules. Windows PC based software is used to capture the data and plot the ECG traces.



  • Needs a Windows based PC for data acquisition, storage and display of ECG signal.
  • Connects to the USB port of the PC and has to run supplied software.
  • Designed to examine full 12 lead ECG using a single channel amplifier through appropriate switching of 10 input patient leads and a network of resistors
  • Input/output parameters of individual modules can be studied separately. There is provision for modifying some parameters of the circuitry.
  • Isolated Power supply and isolated data acquisition system for safety and noise reduction
  • Can be powered by both USB power and external dc supply
  • Operates from mains 220V power

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