Data Acquisition System

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This PC based Data Acquisition System is specifically designed to acquire analog bioelectrical signals. The hardware has integrated isolation and safety circuitry and the software provides live data logging and plotting feature. This DAQ system can be a useful device for observing and study of bioelectrical signals like ECG, EMG, Bio-impedance etc.



  • USB based data communication
  • Input range of analog signal: 0V to 5V
  • 8 bit resolution with software to display and record the signal
  • Hardware is designed to capture up to 5kHz signal
  • Current software is limited to 150 Hz [upgradable]
  • Integrated opto-isolator for signal isolation, required for human safety and for reduction of noise through ground loops
  • Software has optional 50Hz noise cancelation
  • Powered by USB, no external supply needed
  • Optional isolated supply to power external circuitry


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